September 26 - GOP Cocktail Party


Welcome to Stew For Congress. Stew Bolno is the endorsed Republican candidate to represent the 2nd Congressional (PA) District.

Who Is Stew Bolno?
• Management consultant who designs organizational surveys, facilitates seminars, and conducts coaching sessions.
• Areas of specialization 쥡dership, Management, Team Effectiveness
• Decades of experience assisting executives and business professionals of all types

Stew's Political Orientation
• Conservative
• Focus on Smaller Government
• Has more belief in the ability of people to solve their own problems rather than a dependence on government

Stew's Core Principles
• Personal Responsibility
• Aggressive Stance 硲 on Terrorism
• School Choice
• English as Official Language of U.S.A.
• Defense of Marriage Act
• Lower Taxes for All Citizens
• Strong Border Protection
• Free Trade
• Energy Independence
• 10 th Amendment Application

Why Stew is Running for Congress
• To encourage the citizens of Philadelphia to confront how Democratic and Liberal policies have harmed our region, families, and individuals
• To challenge our unexceptional and under-performing Congressman from the
2nd Congressional District
• To influence voters to listen to, appreciate, and vote for a Conservative/Republican alternative

"I believe in America because we have great dreams ᮤ because we have the opportunity to make those dreams come true"

  -Wendell L. Willkie


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