The Cost of Liberal Ideology

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

  -George Santayana

Our country, and especially our city, can no longer afford the distastrous Liberal experiments as well as the failed ideology implemented by the Democrats in Congress. For 50 years they have controlled Philadelphia in regard to the major positions within City Hall. History demonstrates, too clearly, that Congressional experiments in housing, education, and welfare have been costly in dollars, harmful to communities, and destructive to families and individuals. It is time to recognize and accept the fact that the Liberal perspective has been consistently incorrect in matters of defense and social policies.

Liberalism and Foreign Policy

It is a stretch of the imagination to believe that our country would be safer if the Liberals had their way in regard to dealing with the Russian threat, removing missiles in Europe , backing communists in Nicaragua and El Salvador , and attempting to avoid the fight in Kuwait after Saddam attacked the country.  Imagine the dangers we would confront if they had their way in regard to the issues of our past history. It is clear that with Russia and Communism still in a growth stage, with Communist countries in Central America , and with Saddam in power as well as in charge of Kuwait , that the world would be a more perilous place. Additionally since we have learned that our military suffers under previous Democratic administrations, America would be less well equipped to fight the battles for protecting the citizens of our country.

Social Policy

The major social policies of Liberals have also failed. For 25 continuous years the Democrats pushed the concept of tlementᎤ increased welfare distribution. From 1994-1996, they fought to protect a failed welfare system. Were it not for a Republican House of Representatives we would never have experienced the success of welfare reform. Public Housing under the Democrats has been a disaster as well, since they avoided the application of common sense principles in their policies. To prove that the Liberals do not really care about poor children succeeding, they continue to fight educational choice and reform for our inner-city school systems which have been in a downward spiral for decades. My opponent is consistently on the Liberal side in the protection of the teacher unions over and above what is best for the children and their parents.

The major threat of Liberalism, however, is not their passion of the moment but the fact that they lack humility. Rather than reflect on how they could have been so incorrect, on so many matters, they ignore recent history and move on to the next battle even after leaving disasters in their wake. The best predictor of future behavior is to reflect on the behaviors and opinions of the past. It is important for citizens to identify and appreciate the positions of Republicans and Democrats on key issues in the past. This will be instructive as we respectfully disagree on matters of the present.