Seeking Black Support

"The great deceit about white liberals is that they will not tell Black people what they tell their own children."

  -Shelby Steele, Ph.D.

The Black Political Action Committee


To provide a platform for politically oriented African-Americans, who maintain traditional values and a conservative orientation, to share opinions, meet each other, and network so as to promote an alternative to the harmful Liberal ideology that is communicated and implemented by the Democratic Party

Core Beliefs of a Black PAC'er:

•  A recognition that being African American and possessing a conservative political perspective are not mutually exclusive.

•  Knowledge that the Democratic Party is able to, and does, take the Black vote for granted. This occurs because a disproportionatley high percentage of African-Americans do not even listen to, let alone consider, the Republican/Conservative alternative.

•  An opinion that blind allegiance to liberal ideology has been harmful for the urban Black population

•  An acceptance that attitudes and thinking patterns must change prior to the eradication of the current problems that presently exist within the community.

Stew's View:

Any African American, who is willing to be overtly Republican, demonstrates a type of bravery and courage. Those who would verbalize dissatisfaction, with the liberal mantra of more social programs while verbalizing a preference for a conservative approach, is subject to ridicule and epithets such as "Oreo," and "Uncle Tom. " Indeed, close friends and relatives might even challenge the "blackness" of this individual. For the Republican Party to be successful in the long term Republicans must demonstrate an ability to develop a critical mass of black voters who are willing to consider, and eventually vote for, the conservative alternative.

As a candidate for Congress in the 2nd District, I believe it is essential that we gain a foothold within the Black community. Since there are a number of areas where the Liberal perspective is not in alignment with the Black citizens, there is a potential for gaining attention. These areas include:

•  crime prevention/criminal punishment

•  the role of God/prayer in regard to creating a life of meaning

•  educational opportunities/choices

•  matters relating to the political agenda of homosexual activists and their supporters.

Stew's Mission:

My goal will be to obtain the active support of awareness of African-American Republicans, conservatives, and independents. This will be achieved by positioning these individuals as a cohesive group with a clear, meaningful, and memorable message; one that counters the damage done by those with a liberal social agenda.

What /Who is a Black PAC'er:

  A person who knows that he/she is blessed and one of God's children

  A person who appreciates the good fortune and available opportunities of being an American; especially at this point in time.

  A person who understands that the most important ingredient in success is the attitude and actions of the individual.

  A person who values his/her own life and respects the "space" of his/her neighbor.

  A person who is committed to living a good life by engaging in work and providing for one's own family.

  A person who has witnessed the damage done by the Democratic/ liberal approach to welfare, education, and family planning and is committed to influencing attitudinal change in the minds of his brothers and sisters in our region.

If interested, please do not hesitate to contact Stew Bolno. Contact information is listed above.