The Positions of Stew Bolno

Fiscal Economic Policy

•  Lower taxes are, almost always, better than more taxes. Each of the large tax cuts during the past 45 years (Kennedy, Reagan, Bush) has resulted in an improved economy and more revenue flow into the United States Treasury). I trust individuals to spend spend, save, invest, or donate their money in a more effective way than the U.S. Government

•  Free trade works because it promotes democratic capitalism and the spirit of competition while maintaining lower prices for American consumers.

Homeland Security/National Defense

•  Islamic radicals make clear statements and commit actions that demonstrate that they are engaged in a world war against "non-believers." We should take them seriously.

•  A proactive military stance against our self declared enemies to protect our American Way of Life."

•  Strong border protection to deter illegal immigration so as to respect our legal immigrants and citizens.

Health Care

•  Strong incentives/sanctions to encourage/require personal responsibility for any health care plan adopted.

•  Support of choices as well as a voluntary Medicare prescription drug benefit program


•  Strong support for the Defense of Marriage Act

•  Employee benefits , for any programs, should be determined by the individual employer and not government edict.

•  Required Civil Union Benefits should only be provided by, and limited to, the legislative process and/or citizen referendum of individual States.

•  Acceptance of the scientific truth that life begins at conception, regardless of whether it is the individual's belief that the fetus is human or not.

•  In favor of banning partial birth abortion unless the physician states necessity as it relates to the life of the mother.

•  Any rights and/or limitations regarding abortion matters should only be provided by, and limited to, the legislative process and/or referendum of individual States.

•  Support the repeal of the marriage penalty tax .


•  Support the right of choice for parents as it relates to the selection of the school for the education of their child.

•  Silent prayer opportunity should be made available for every child within a school setting, if desired.

•  Support the right of an individual school to install a daily reading of a 1-2 minute group prayer , if selected from pre-approved lists determined by religious leaders, educational leaders, local lay people and/or parents.

•  Support daily group recital of the Pledge of Allegiance.


•  Increased energy independence for the United States

•  In favor of drilling for oil in Alaska , especially if agreed to by the citizens of Alaska .

Miscellaneous Issues

•  Against abolition of the death penalty

•  In favor of maintaining the current wording of the Pledge of Allegiance.

•  Favor the appointment of judges who are strict constructionists in regard to the interpretation of the law.

•  Reinforcement of the Founders' intent and process of being directed by Judeo-Christian principles in the development of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

•  Support private gun ownership and each citizen's right to bear arms for self-defense.

•  Respect and observance of the Founders' First Constitutional Amendment which states that there should be no "prohibiting the free exercise" of religion.