HI...I'm Stew Bolno and I am the endorsed Republican candidate to represent the 2nd Congressional (PA) District. The District contains all neighborhoods west of Broad Street ( Southwest Philadelphia , West Philadelphia , University of Pennsylvania , Wynnefield, Overbrook Park, Mount Airy, East Falls, Germantown , Nicetown, Chestnut Hill, Manayunk, and Roxborough, parts of the lower North East ) and touches on Cheltenham and Elkins Park.

My primary mission in running for the House of Representatives is to reinforce President Bush in regard to his vision for a safe, strong, free, and prosperous America . Closer to home my priorities will be to communicate the damage caused by the implementation of over 40 years of liberal ideology. There is no better time than the present to take inventory on how the Democratic Party's "Great Society" experiments have debilitated and continue to harm our city, our neighborhoods, our public schools, and the treatment of our families and children.

I was born in Wynnefield and grew up in Mount Airy . I graduated from Germantown High School and have been a "Philly Boy," all of my life. I live in Roxborough. I am a management consultant for Team Builders Plus .  Our firm assists organizations and individuals in the areas of leadership, management, team building, and sales. We help clients by conducting surveys, seminars, and coaching sessions. I have been a professional in this field since 1984. During my career, I have worked with companies of all sizes; from small businesses to Fortune 100 Corporations. This comprehensive business perspective provides me with a unique way to view the current challenges of a situation and to work with others to develop the most effective plan and actions for improvement.

I have earned two Master's Degrees; Management (MBA - Baruch College ) and Adult Educational Processes (Ed.M. - Temple University ). Both degrees were earned in the evening while I worked full time during the day.  I graduated with a Bachelor of Science from CW Post College with a major in Management and a minor in Psychology. Prior to becoming a consultant I taught full time, on the college level ( Rider University and St. Joseph 's College). I have owned and managed an Army-Navy Store on Germantown Avenue in Mt. Airy , between 1980 and 1984. In the evening during that period, I taught a course in Small Business Management at Temple University . After college, I was employed by two retail leaders; Abraham & Straus, and R.H. Macy. I was promoted to positions as Divisional Group Manager and Buyer based upon the profitability of my departments and the team building skills I demonstrated.

Since I studied, observed, and demonstrated effective leadership I have a unique appreciation for the vision and talent it takes to set a goal while moving forward towards its achievement. From 1989-1999, I served on the Small Business Board of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce. During that time I was a committee chairman and was asked to conduct a number of workshops and seminars for the Chamber. Since 1999, I have served on the Board of Directors for the condominium where I presently reside. For the past 9 years, I have taught courses at the Wharton Small Business Development Center ( University of Pennsylvania ). The participants in these workshops are generally owners of small businesses, who enroll so that they may sharpen their skills in Leadership, Management, and/or Sales.

I have been an advocate for conservative principles since 1974. I am pleased to know that history has recorded that our "victory" in the Cold War was directly attributable to the clear vision, strong positions, and successful strategies of President Reagan. I believe that President Bush's actions in Iraq and the Mid-East are having a positive impact, as it relates to the protection of Americans and the growth of democracy around the world. I am gratified to see that, once again, tax cuts are resulting in the growth of our economy and business productivity while, simultaneously, increasing the revenue stream to our government. President George Bush is guided by strong moral principles, a clear mission, and coherent strategies. This combination is the most logical formula in our quest for long term peace and prosperity for all Americans.

I look forward to making a connection with citizens from every community in the 2nd Congressional District.


The game isn't over till it's over . Yogi Berra